“Mr Brownlee, Tear Down This Wall!”

27 October 2011 08:24:03

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said his party are advocating the concept of a ‘free enterprise’ zone in Christchurch City, which he says “would further help businesses rebuild and re-open.”

“Free enterprise zones have been operating in places such as Hong Kong and Singapore, and are the basis for the unsurpassed prosperity in those countries,” he said.

“The Libertarianz Party suggests suspending the Resource Management Act, as well as company and income taxes, for at least five years in Christchurch.”

“This way new development could be fast-tracked, and new businesses would be encouraged to set up without having to negotiate the massive layers of red tape and punitive levels of taxation.”

Dr McGrath added that his party has produced a video of interviews with business owners affected by the earthquake, highlighting some of the issues they have faced in dealing with the aftermath of this natural disaster which, he says “has been compounded by a man-made disaster.”

The interviews can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLqa1cY9jSU

Referring to both the hurricane fencing that surrounds the Christchurch CBD, and the unhelpful attitude of CERA and other bureaucrats who are impeding access to private property within the CBD and delaying the resuscitation of business activity, Dr McGrath quoted the youngest of the interviewees on the video: “Mr Brownlee, tear down this wall!”

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