Nanny State Be Warned – Libertarianz On The Way

11 October 2004 01:43:28


Libertarianz President Scott Wilson wishes to congratulate those who stood for Libertarianz in the local body elections. “The candidates in the various areas have all worked very hard to ensure there is an opposing voice to the standard ‘steal-and-spend’ local body politician,” says Wilson.

He labels the Libertarianz results as “credible” and “a large middle finger to the traditional control-freak tendencies of local body politicians. Central government ought to start worrying as we prepare for the 2005 election.”

“Finally I’d like to give my sincerest thanks to candidates, sponsors, volunteers and Libertarianz voters. Each one of these people were pivotal in mounting a strong, multi-front campaign against statism.”

Libertarianz Candidate Results STEPHEN BERRY, Auckland, Mayor                       964 BERNARD DARNTON, Wellington, Regional Council  3486 ROBIN THOMPSEN, Hamilton, Council                    607 TIM WIKIRIWHI, Hamilton, Mayor                         302   ‘Independent Libertarians’ RUSSELL WATKINS, Western BOP DC, Mayor         1526                  Tauranga, Council                           4810 JASON YULE, Tauranga, Council                          1186                                         ————- TOTAL VOTES CAST FOR FREEDOM NATIONWIDE    12881 (Based on Latest Available Results)


Scott Wilson
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