Nanny State Can’t Fix Child Assault

30 July 2007 16:50:00

“In the wake of the continuing horrific abuse of minors, there is a
cacophony of shock, blame and proposed government solutions. But we
must not forget that it is imperative that we get Nanny State out of
our lives first,” says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Social Welfare

“Forget about expecting the Government to repair things. Nothing
Nanny State attempts to do to stem the problem of child assault will
make even a dent in the problem. The life of nothingness that is
fostered by welfarism could only ever serve to degrade one’s self
value. It cheapens all of our lives. Ending the welfare state would
mean only parents who want and care about children will start a

“Only New Zealanders as individuals can take control of the social
ills facing us all today. Forget about Nanny State, it was she who
set this disaster up in the first place and it was we who voted for
it. Nothing can be done until we win back control over our own lives.
This means getting Nanny State out of our homes, out of our
workplaces, out of your children’s minds and out of our pockets. The
well being of our fellow citizens, neighbours, friends and relatives
does not need to be centrally controlled and we certainly shouldn’t be
compelled to finance what is now proving to be a social disaster.”


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