Nanny State Rules In Christchurch

31 July 2012 16:30:14



“The writing was on the wall as soon as the national and local governments started spewing their plans for the Christchurch rebuild. Libertarianz painted the picture as it would unfold in the months and years that would follow and we have no reason to change our thinking,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz spokesman today.

“Suffice it to say that unless there is a retreat in current controls over the people of Christchurch you will see further misery and far deeper levels of stagnation beyond another 6 years. To rub salt into the wound you will be landed with monuments that will serve no realistic purpose. The construction of these will be sold as regional stimulus and once complete will prove to be nothing of the sort. Meanwhile thousands will remain trapped in the no man’s land of indecision between cutting their losses or remaining in the ongoing uncertainty with no advancement in their lives.”

Mr Osborne continues, “We proposed a way forward then and conveyed our ideas to Mr Key. He chose to ignore them. We repeat them now as they apply today as they did then.

Christchurch must attract resources Grant Christchurch a complete 3-year tax-free status, to be extended at discretion. Do this and the problem of attracting resources will disappear. The object is to change our view away from a coercive patch job to a free-wheeling environment of entrepreneurial opportunity.

Christchurch must have thousands of new and rebuilt homes. Our government should make immediate steps to remove the bureaucratic hurdles that have stifled growth and rebuilding, and made building affordable houses completely unaffordable. This includes the existing regulatory system of permits and inspections. Let those who own their own property determine between them and their insurance company what they wish their building standards to be. Building is productive. Letting things lie idle while waiting for permission from people who have no genuine interest is not.

Cantabrians don’t need the grey ones breathing down their necks. Make Christchurch an ETS and RMA free zone.

Cantabrians don’t need to be told where and how they will rebuild their city—they don’t need another centrally-planned “worker’s paradise.” Bus town planners out of Christchurch permanently and allow the city to reinvent itself spontaneously. This would be a wonder to see.

Cantabrians don’t need barriers to employment. Remove the minimum wage. In a situation like Christchurch’s it is better to be earning something than nothing at all. And it is better to be achieving something with the diminished resources available than achieving nothing at all. We must trust that consenting adults can come to their own voluntary financial agreements.

“Unfortunately for Christchurch and New Zealand taxpayers this will not happen. The desire to maintain control over all of our lives is too strong for our government to allow people the freedom to really get things done. The desire to throw taxpayers money at monuments when real demand lays elsewhere only emphasises the reality that governments could never make good decisions and direct resources properly. Too locked up in the realms of perception and wanting to be seen at the forefront, thuggery and control are their only tools Jackboot Jerry Brownley has already shown this to be so.”

Osborne concludes, “Freedom and unfettered private enterprise will always trump anything politicians and bureaucrats can come with. We have been sold the idea that central control is our only option. Well here is an alternative but government will not consider it unless it is firmly pushed under their noses.”