Nanny’s Extravagance Has No Limit

21 June 2005 11:48:00


“While hardworking tax victims struggle to make ends meet, they could be forgiven for being thoroughly pissed off with the Electoral Commission, squandering $30,000 of stolen loot on teaching awards to teachers who use the general election as the basis of classroom study.” This was from Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Education Spokesman today.

He says, “This is just an example of many such extravagances perpetrated by this government. It is also a strong indication that Nanny’s insatiable appetite for other people’s money has elevated it into a state of luxury. Meanwhile, the rest of us can regard ourselves as nothing more than slaves to this crap.”

“The Ministry of Education already has enough swill to enslave children’s minds without the Electoral Commission getting in on the act. This is an issue that teachers and parents can address of their own volition without the need for carrot dangling. The Commission is obviously over-funded.”

He concludes, “Libertarianz understands that if our children are to understand basic differences between right and wrong, it is best that the state is ejected from the education sector entirely, as the state sets a thoroughly loathsome example. It steals, it lies, it coerces and it uses these weapons to deny those who pay for it the right to live their lives in freedom. If children weren’t forced into Nanny’s brainwashing institutions they would otherwise have the ability to see this scam for what it is, and what’s more, they would also have the personal fortitude to tell these institutionalised thieves to bugger off.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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