National Lacks Integrity Over Health Sector Plans

28 September 2007 11:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath today denounced the National
Party’s recently-announced health discussion paper, saying that John
Key still wants to maintain state control of the embattled industry.

Dr McGrath welcomed National’s proposed deregulation of GP’s fees,
saying that Labour’s price controls will eventually impact on the
medical workforce and lengthen waiting times for medical care.

But he said this is a smoke screen, and it is apparent that National
do not intend to live up to their stated core values of individual
freedom and limited government, which the Libertarianz Party also

“If National is elected, they won’t stop issuing edicts that health
workers are forced to follow. They won’t stop telling doctors and
others how to run their businesses. They won’t shut down the
monstrously bureaucratic health ministry and its metastases such as
Pharmac and the Medical Council.

“The National Party merely want to impose their own watered-down
version of socialism on the health industry. They don’t seem to have
the courage of their stated convictions.

“Until National’s policies start to reflect their core values, my
party will continue to view them as political eunuchs.”


For more information contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
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