National Party Sadists Veto Medical Marijuana Bill

03 July 2009 12:02:00

Libertarianz leader and Masterton doctor Richard McGrath today applauded the thirty-four MPs who voted for Metiria Turei’s private member’s bill, which would have had a select committee consider the issue of allowing marijuana to be used for medical treatment.

“Credit should go to the nineteen Labour MPs, nine Green MPs, five ACT MPs and one Maori MP who supported this bill. The Libertarianz Party endorses their stand in favour of greater personal freedom. We salute Metiria Turei for proposing this bill, and offer our future support for any deregulation that expands the options available in health care.”

“Shame on the National Party – not one of their MPs crossed the floor to vote for this bill. They claim to stand for individual freedom and choice and limited government. Why, then, did they vote to block legal access for New Zealanders to a treatment which may offer relief from nausea and pain – unless they actually wish people to suffer?”

“This is an issue of basic freedom,” said Dr McGrath. “The Libertarianz Party believes an adult should have the right to put whatever they like into their own body, provided they take responsibility for their actions. The National Party disagree with this, and have effectively said: ‘Your body belongs to the state.’”

“Libertarianz, on the other hand, says: ‘Your body is your own. Use it wisely, but you should decide what goes into it.’”

Dr McGrath said his party favours the full legalisation of all medicines and recreational substances. “My party does not advocate drug use – that should be a choice for the individual to make. However, we maintain that banning drugs is a gross infringement of personal liberty that denies people choice and causes significant problems by enriching criminal gangs and penalising otherwise peaceful, law-abiding New Zealanders.”

“The National Party urgently needs to review its core values,” added Dr McGrath. “Obviously, it has no regard for individual freedom and limited government. Bravo to the Labour, Green, Maori Party and ACT MPs for their principled stand!”

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