National Revealed: They’re Labour in Disguise

27 May 2009 13:02:00

It’s official – the barely 7 month old Key government is just Helen Clark’s nanny state in a blue dress.

Hot on the heels of nine years of banning everything in sight, John Key has decided to pick up where the last pack of know-it-alls left off and look at banning pseudoephedrine in yet another futile, immoral effort to control people’s decisions about what they put into their own bodies – be it medicinal or recreational.

The PM is also talking up the chances of increasing the amount of taxpayers’ money political parties are allowed to help themselves to for electioneering.

Clearly John Key is not taking stock of the current outrage in Britain over Parliamentarians’ cavalier attitude to taxpayers’ money. It is bad enough that we already have a massive portion of our incomes stolen by these people, but then to see some of it used to pay for television slots telling us how grateful we must all be to them for this endless pillage just adds insult to injury. Of all the self-indulgent misuses of taxpayers’ money politicians get up to, these smug, self-congratulatory displays must be the most sickening.

Libertarianz believes that people should not be forced to pay for political propaganda they do not agree with. Instead, people should be free to spend as much as they see fit to promote ideas consistent with their own values.

One can only hope that when the Budget comes out this Thursday, John Key’s Labour-Lite government does not backtrack on their program of meagre tax cuts. It’s not much, but it might go some way towards placating the 1,053,398 Kiwis who voted for change last November.

So far, they haven’t seen any.

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