NCEA Arse-Covering – Standard Practice

18 February 2005 01:11:00


With accusations flying of a cover up by Trevor Mallard and David Benson Pope over the NCEA scholarship debacle, some people just wonder what all the fuss is about. Said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today. "This is what politicians do. As the joke goes: ‘How do you know when a politician is lying?’ Answer: ‘Their lips are moving.’"

Osborne continues, "This is a natural consequence of the democracy many hold so dearly, in which the majority have so gutlessly allowed successive governments to take so much control over our lives that arse-covering just becomes the status quo. New Zealanders have damn well voted for it and will probably continue to do so, but they should all expect more of the same in future."

"We can owe this apathy in large part to the fact that, for over a century, we have allowed our children to have their minds manipulated by state-run education. New Zealanders have relinquished their God-given right to decide how their children may be educated, instead opting for politicians to make those decisions for them. Thus we find ourselves in a position where the education industry is locked into a state monopoly. When situations such as the NCEA circus do arise we find that we have no legal right to seek any alternatives."

"In the mean time Minister Mallard, the Minister of Indoctrination, continues to throw a staggering amount of tax-payers’ money into the education sector. The NCEA issue is just an example of government incompetence. Schools are continually complaining that they lack resources. Morale amongst teaching staff is at an all-time low. Literacy and numeracy levels are woefully substandard. Surely people must be asking where all this hard earned cash is going. The answer is, it doesn’t matter where it is going. The government can funnel it wherever they like, the result will always be the same, and people will continue to vote for it."

Mr Osborne clarifies this point; "The government holds the monopoly on education. Even private schools have been ground down by state regulation, ensuring that competition is void. The government does not have to be efficient as it finances its existence by extortion. Nor does it have to worry about attracting customers, as compulsion makes this unnecessary. All they have to do is ensure that education remains in the hands of the state, thus the sheeple will remain bonded to the idea that they need their lives run for them."

Osborne concludes, "Individual freedom is the solution. People must reject the servile restrictions that government has conditioned them into. Until the state is ejected from the education sector altogether, people’s minds will remain semi-conscious. A free and unregulated education market will provide a variety of choices to those who wish to purchase them. Libertarianz respect people’s right to make their own educational choices for themselves and their children. No matter who is in power, this is not for the state to decide. Politicians should then be widely acknowledged as the intrusive thieves that they are. "

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