NCEA Lessons Learned? Yeah Right!

05 July 2006 05:42:31

NCEA Lessons Learned? Yeah Right!

“The overwhelmingly negative response by students to NCEA, subject of a recent Ministry of Education report, was entirely predictable,” Phil Howison, Libertarianz Education Spokesman and former NCEA student, said today. “The NZQA wastes $40 million dollars of our money every year – and for what? The same problems keep recurring, even after endless reviews.”

The report, The Impact of NCEA on Student Motivation, found that NCEA reduced student motivation because of low minimum credit requirements and lack of recognition for achievement, with the broad categories of “Merit” and “Excellence” worth the same number of credits as a minimal pass. Students also complained that standards could be failed even if most questions were answered to Excellence standard, because of the illogical and unfair system of marking. “Students shouldn’t have to put up with this,” reported Mr. Howison, who was one of the first students to sit NCEA, and one of the only students to sit School Certificate, Bursary and NCEA subjects simultaneously. “In my NCEA classes, it was obvious that grades bore no relation to the actual abilities of students. Constant over-assessment with hard-to-understand results had a disastrous impact on motivation.”

“It seems as if NCEA is an attempt to make achievement meaningless. Standards are so loosely worded that marking is entirely subjective. Inconsistencies year-to-year are vast – in one Mathematics standard, there were 64 times as many Excellences awarded in 2003 compared to 2002.” Phil said. “Perhaps this is a manifestation of Labour’s entrenched, bureaucratic Tall-Poppy syndrome. It’s time to give the best students a fair go.”

“It’s time to face facts: NZQA has consistently ‘Not Achieved’.” Howison concludes. “Why not get rid of it, and allow educational freedom of choice? We should give schools back to parents, and allow them to choose from competitive alternatives for assessment.” Phil Howison’s final piece of advice: “Vote Libertarianz, for freedom of choice!”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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