‘NCEA Victim’ to Bring Home Mallard’s Chickens

14 August 2005 12:24:00

Hutt South Campaign

Eighteen-year-old Phil Howison launches his campaign today against Education Minister Trevor Mallard in the seat of Hutt South. Libertarianz candidate Howison says he is “a victim of the NCEA” and is “now free and running for Parliament with one mission: to get the government out of education.”

“State education is one of the worst violations of our rights in existence,” Howison says. “My experience in the government’s factory schools has convinced me that education is too important to be left to the government. Government schools are ineffective, unpleasant, and wasteful.”

Phil Howison’s proposed solution is the complete separation of school and state – he would give schools back to parents and teachers, removing all central controls. “Your children are not the property of Helen Clark or Trevor Mallard. Why shouldn’t YOU decide where and how they are educated?” he asks. “Government-controlled education is the enemy of diversity, independent thought and initiative. A greater variety of schools – voluntary, independent, alternative schools – will enable happier, more highly-achieving students, with education tailored for their needs and situation, and schools where they are respected.”

Phil Howison flays Trevor Mallard’s performance as Education Minister. “As a victim of the NCEA – invented by National and introduced by Labour – I know what the problems with it are,” says Howison. “The NCEA hides failure by making achievement meaningless. The scholarship exam problems, and Mallard’s attempted cover-up, were disgraceful but entirely predictable.”

The Libertarianz candidate won’t stop with education, though. “Government mismanagement of functions such as health and transport also threatens us. Government policies such as taxation and drug prohibition are outrageous violations of our liberties. Libertarianz pledge to trim the government back to the most limited role – as a guardian of our freedom: providing a justice system, police force and defence force.”

It’s Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!

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