New Curriculum, New Minister, Same Flawed System

08 November 2007 15:50:00

Libertarianz Party Education Spokesman Phil Howison today welcomed Chris Carter as the new Minister of Education, and offered three suggestions for Carter to improve New Zealand schools. “With a new minister and a new curriculum, this is a great opportunity for change in our dysfunctional education system,” said Mr. Howison.

“Firstly, all schools should be allowed to charge fees. Schools such as Wellington College raise more than half of their own money – all from private sources such as fees and donations. The Libertarianz Party supports unconditionally the right of schools to charge fees as they see fit,” Mr. Howison emphasised. “Truly free education would require schools to be funded by voluntary contributions and fees, not taxes. It also has the added advantage that good schools would be rewarded and poor schools would be forced to raise their standards.”

Secondly, the new curriculum should be voluntary. “There is a distinct lack of emphasis on reading, writing and numeracy in the new curriculum, and far too much emphasis on expressing opinions before you have developed them,” Mr. Howison complained. “Why must this curriculum be forced on people? Give schools the option of choosing an alternative curriculum, and no parent will have to allow their children to be indoctrinated with ideas foreign to their own principles.”

Mr. Howison’s third suggestion is to reject all calls to raise the school leaving age, and consider lowering it. “Teenagers should not be held at school against their will. They simply become disruptive and a waste of teachers’ time! If they had been allowed to leave school, they could have entered the workforce and become productive citizens.”

“None of these policies would require major reform,” Howison pointed out. “But each of them would bring us closer to a truly free education system. Not only would they increase freedom and respect for individual rights, they would ensure greater diversity and efficiency in New Zealand schools, by allowing choice and competition. Libertarianz is proud to announce these ideas as part of our new Transitional Education Policy. Watch this space!”


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