New Force in Auckland Politics Just Weeks Away

27 August 2012 12:52:31

Liberty Conference 2012

New Force in Auckland Politics Just Weeks Away

“With the Liberty Conference 2012 just weeks away on October 6, Auckland ratepayers can be sure that a respite from big spending, high taxing councils is a credible reality,” says Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath.

“Auckland Mayor Len Brown has lied to ratepayers about the extent of rates increases in Auckland. The 10% cap on rates increases has been demonstrated to be an absolute falsification for ratepayers in affluent Orakei. Yet those paying rates in the socialist former council district of Waitakere will get rates decreases. The current Mayor seems to be as focussed on wealth re-distribution as he is wasting money on public transport projects.”

“Rates revolts are becoming a very regular occurrence in local body politics across the country, yet at this stage there appears to be no political vehicle in any local body district committed to being a proper advocate for ratepayers. At Liberty Conference 2012, all this is going to change!”

“The Liberty Conference is your opportunity to be a part of the next political force in local body elections in not just Auckland, but every local body district in the country. We want you to not only attend the conference, but be a part of the submissions process on what the name, brand and policies of a new local body level party should be.”

At this stage, McGrath cannot say what the exact appearance of the next local body party will be this is up to the attendees of Liberty Conference 2012. “But I can tell you what it won’t be!” he says. “It will not be yet another group of control freaks bent on dominating property owners with more regulations, more rates and more big spending projects!”

Liberty Conference 2012 will be held on 6 October 2012 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Auckland. To register for the conference, please visit the Libertarianz Party website at . Register before September 1 and save $10 off the cost of registration.

If you wish to be part of the submissions process for the name, brand and policies of a new political party at local body or central government level, please also send your submission to [email protected]

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