New Libz Leader Announced

16 December 2008 08:50:00

Masterton GP Richard McGrath is the new leader of the Libertarianz Party, following Bernard Darnton’s decision to stand down after five years at the helm.

Dr McGrath has served several years as deputy leader and health spokesman for Libertarianz, and was the party’s highest polling electorate candidate in the recent general election. Aged 47, he has lived in the Wairarapa for fifteen years, and is a partner in a large medical practice. He is living in a new relationship, with three children from his previous marriage.

“I intend to carry on where Bernard left off,” said Dr McGrath. “My party will continue to push for greater personal freedom in all spheres of life. We believe people have a natural right to live as they please, provided they don’t harm others.”

Dr McGrath paid tribute to his predecessor, singling out Mr Darnton’s legal challenge which forced former Prime Minister Helen Clark to alter the law in order to avoid prosecution over the misappropriated funding of the Labour Party pledge card. “This exposed the lengths Helen Clark was prepared to go to, in order to cling onto power. It also showed that Libertarianz punches well above its weight in the rough and tumble of New Zealand politics.”

Mr Darnton will become caretaker deputy leader of the Libertarianz Party until a replacement is appointed.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Leader
Phone: 027 322 2907
Email: [email protected]

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