New Zealand Can’t Afford To Vote Labour

14 November 2011 10:23:24

“The Labour Party’s policy to give free computers to all decile 3 and below students seems nothing more than a naked bribe from a desperate party and highlights that Labour is totally unfit to manage the New Zealand economy.” Said Libertarianz Wellington Central candidate, Reagan Cutting.

As New Zealand’s youngest electorate candidate and first-time voter, I am appalled that one of New Zealand’s largest parties has such contempt for the New Zealand public to assume that such shallow bribes will win votes.

Having recently left secondary school I know that it is that attitude of the student, their family, and the school that determines success – not the number of toys provided by the government.

While Libertarianz embrace technology and online learning, the best way to increase people’s access to alternative forms of education is to remove the Government from the supplier and gatekeeper to students’ learning opportunities. Libertarianz education policies would open up a much wider variety of educational methods and providers, and would allow teachers greater ability to improve their income.

New Zealanders are getting tired of Labour’s never-ending class warfare and use of bribery as an election tool. This is illustrated well in a recent Libertarianz video at

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Reagan Cutting
Libertarianz Candidate for Wellington Central
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