New Zealand Held to Ransom by Mahuta Blackmail

06 October 2004 01:00:53


“New Zealand is reeling in a Consitutional crisis,” says  Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Maori Affairs Tim Wikiriwhi, who slams the Select Committee hearing on the sea-bed and foreshore.  “The legal status of the sea-bed and foreshore ought to have been determined under common law by the Privy Council, instead of being the political football of party politics as it is now,” he declares.

“As a direct consequence of Clark’s and Wilson’s meddling we now have tribalists like Nanaia Mahuta applying their apartheid leverage to keep New Zealand perpetually in bondage to the Waitangi Claims industry with such nonsensical doctrines as “inalienable customary title”. Wikiriwhi says Mahuta’s demands that the committee consider “inalienable customary title be granted to Maori” and for the bill to “include a clause to protect all current and future treaty settlements” is pure black mail. “She is holding our nation to ransom knowing Helen Clark would love to keep her on side to retain a foothold in the Maori electorate.”

Mr Wikiriwhi said the Libertarianz submission on the sea-bed and foreshore (available at  ) is in “direct contrast to Mahuta’s tribalism, because the submission accurately correlates the facts of history to the current debate.” Mahuta, he says, is not only trying to dupe New Zealanders by lying about history, but by seeking to further cement the idea of ‘inalieneable customary title’ held tribally she will only perpetuate and increase the very inequities of communal ownership that have kept tribal Maori back!”


Tim Wikiriwhi
[email protected] (07) 8498323