Next Move: Dump the Commission

11 December 2008 08:50:00

“Paula Bennett is to be commended for putting a stop to the Families Commission Conference that was to be held in February. It is a step in the right direction,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman, today.

“Hopefully this is just the beginning. Rather than simply putting a stop to taxpayer funded group hug sessions, I would advise that she start a rigorous decommissioning of organizations such as the Families and the Children’s Commissions. These organisations have done nothing to improve the lot of families or children in New Zealand. In fact things have gotten considerably worse since their inception.”

Mr Osborne continues, “In spite of the countless years that successive governments have interfered in our lives and an incredible volume of committees, commissions and schemes, force fed by taxpayer money to remedy our social ills, we have never looked so deprived as we do now; youth suicides, violent crime, infanticide, increasing child poverty, vandalism and theft etc. It is past time that government just got out of the way. They have done more than enough damage already and these problems will not abate until we are freed from Nannies compulsory burdens that only serve to further entrench poverty and misery.”

Osborne concludes, “While Libertarianz will always support any move that takes us toward greater individual freedom and less government interference, we will not rest until the State restricts itself to the core administrative rolls of justice, police and defence. Tools of social engineering such as the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education must be closed down permanently. As we are seeing currently, anything less than this end will always propagate suffering.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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