Nick Smith’s Enviro-Loonies Kill Dairy Farm

19 March 2010 12:42:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today said the decision by three companies to shelve plans for an intensive dairy farm is a victory for the Environment Ministry, which he labelled “a bastion of Gaia-worshipping anti-capitalist sentiment”.

He described the demand for a $2.6 million resource consent fee the ministry were going to charge Five Rivers, Southdown Holdings and Williamson Holdings as “blatant extortion”.

“This sends a clear message to anyone wanting to develop their own land – you must be prepared to pay huge bribes to politicians and bureaucrats in order to advance your plans.”

Dr McGrath said farmers and other developers should be able to use their land and property in any way they wish, provided they don’t cause harm to others, and provide compensation when there is harm done.

“Compensation for damage caused through such things as effluent runoff can be decided through mediation, arbitration, or civil action using common law precedents and a requirement for objective proof of harm.”

“But this requirement to beg unproductive bureaucrats for permission to produce is absurd,” he added.

“The Libertarianz Party believes the Resource Management Act should be abolished and the Environment Ministry disestablished. This would prove to be a massive stimulus package for the economy.”

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