Candidate 2011

Nik Haden
List Candidate

Nik Haden is an economist working in Wellington. He was a founding member of the Libertarianz party and was an electorate candidate in the party’s first election.

He took on Statistics NZ last year in a legal battle over being forced to fill out Census forms – burning the forms and then defending a freedom of speech case.

All around us we see creeping government involvement in our lives. We have a government that claims as its principal successes the transfer of money between competing blocks of voters. Government should be working for the interests of ALL New Zealanders, not just those who voted for the winning party.

The only way to achieve this is for the government to be restricted to only its essential functions. Politicians have proved over the last term that they are inherently corrupt and dishonest. The only way to protect ourselves from these people is to take away all their power. It shouldn’t matter who is in parliament, as long as parliament’s power is so limited that they can’t do any damage.

Only Libertarianz will put in place laws to constrain government power. Only Libertarianz will hand control back to the people.

Nik Haden
Phone: 027 444 4143
Email: [email protected]