No call for IRD and NZ Police to merge

15 February 2005 23:58:00

Law & Order

"The timing of the Police Union Organiser’s tired old claim of organised crime gaining foothold in NZ via drugs is transparently political," says Libertarianz spokesman on Law and Order Robert Palmer. "And the IRD hardly need encouraging to be thuggishly overbearing – the death of Ian Mutton and the subsequent Parliamentary Inquiry showed beyond doubt that the IRD cannot be trusted with police powers."

"O’Connor resurrects his Police Conference speech of 2003 at a time when his minister is on the ropes for poor performance. This change of subject approach from O’Connor is timed fortuitously with Headmistress Clark accusing the children of bullying disabled George in the playground."

"It just doesn’t wash," says Palmer.

Mr O’Connor misguidedly calls for an inter-agency response to methamphetamine and is specifically calling for the IRD to get involved to remove the profit from crime – "a call that will cause the self-employed across NZ to smile ruefully," notes Palmer. "Unlike many others, we have not forgotten the IRD’s power and yearning to drive people under."

However, Palmer suggests the best way to both remove organised crime from NZ and to effectively increase police numbers is to legalise all drugs, as called for by the former Head of Scotland Yard’s Drug Squad when he toured here last year. "It’s both moral and practical," says Palmer.

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