No Flags On Public Bridge

30 January 2008 13:30:00

“Transit New Zealand must not capitulate to the Maori separatists who wish to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag from the Auckland Harbour Bridge,” said Libertarianz spokesman Tim Wikiriwhi today.

“Their flag does not represent any nation, or even mainstream Maori – just the ideas of apartheid activists, bent on the destabilisation and division of New Zealand.”

“In an ideal world, the Auckland Harbour Bridge would be privately owned by a roading company, who could then fly whatever flag they wished. But flying this divisive flag on public property – a bridge which taxpayers own and maintain – would be extremely inappropriate.”

“Libertarianz believe everyone should be treated equally,” Wikiriwhi concludes. “No matter what their race. We cannot condone special privilege being given to the Tino Rangatiratanga movement.”


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Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarianz Spokesman for the Deregulation of Maori Affairs
Phone: 027 6630331
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