No Place For Puritanical Drug Laws, Says Libz Leader

26 September 2011 15:07:16

Libertarianz Party leader and Wairarapa electorate candidate Richard McGrath has backed Don Brash’s calls for marijuana to be decriminalized, saying his party supports full legalization of the cannabis trade.

“My party supports the immediate legalization of all drugs that are considered safer than alcohol,” he said, “and the gradual legalization of all other recreational substances.”

“There is no longer a place for the enforcement of puritanical laws that make people’s bodies the property of the state,” he added.

“Drug use is a health issue, not a legal one. Legalisation of drug possession in Portugal over the last 10 years has resulted in less drug use overall, including in the under 18 age group, lower rates of HIV infection, and more people coming forward for assistance with problems associated with drug use. There is no reason to be frightened of giving people back sovereignty over their bodies.”

“Fundamentally, the issue of drug use is a moral one, with the fundamental question being: who owns your body – you, or the politicians?”

“The Libertarianz Party supports Don Brash on this issue, and believe what applies to cannabis should equally apply to other substances as well.”

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