No Sovereignty Over Crime?

04 October 2004 21:25:00

Law & Order

"The rudderless Clark Government continues on its ever more erratic course," says an incredulous Robert Palmer today. The Libertarianz Law & Order spokesman notes that "the Privy Council was dismissed in order to ‘return sovereignty’ to the people, yet today we learn from Minister Goff that the travesty of giving taxpayers’ money to criminals cannot be stopped due to ‘international conventions’ – namely UN conventions that the formally "sovereignty-minded" Clark Government are unwilling to overturn for reasons unexplained to those who must pay."

"After six months of deliberation the "absurdist rabble that pass for the Cabinet have now concluded giving taxpayer’s money to criminals will prove that crime doesn’t pay. Brilliant!" says Palmer scornfully. "Now that the management and supervision of the nation’s prisons has been formally passed to a troika composed of the UN, the unions and the Judiciary we can expect the very long-suffering taxpayer to continue subsidising the lifestyles of lawyers and criminals for some time to come."

Palmer calls for the weary and confused Clark Government to resign before every crim with hurt feelings – backed by lawyers with access to Legal aid funding and a burning aspiration to reach the top of the rich list – bleeds every poor taxpayer dry.

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