Not your usual Libertarianz Conference

07 August 2012 16:32:46


Libertarianz Conference

Not your usual Libertarianz Conference…

Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath is pleased to announce the 2012 Libertarianz Conference will be held on October 6 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Auckland. McGrath promises, “This will not be your usual Libertarianz party conference. This year’s conference is shaping up to be one of historical importance; not just for the Libertarianz party but for the future of politics in New Zealand.”

“The demise of the Act party’s support and its abandonment of liberal principles under the leadership of John Banks has left an open gulf in the political spectrum for a party which consistently advocates liberal solutions to problems such as our current economic malaise as well as taking a small government approach to what individuals do in their private lives.”

“The 2012 conference will be different from conferences of the past because this is a conference not just for Libertarianz members. This is a conference for all people who believe we need a new political party in Parliament presenting small government answers to the issues of today. Whether you be libertarian, liberal, a cannabis law reform advocate or disillusioned with the formerly liberal Act, you should help write New Zealand political history by attending this year!”

“Not only will we be addressing the need for a new liberal party at the national level, Libertarianz will also be addressing the need for a new political force at the local body level. Ever since local government was granted the power of general incompetence in 2002, we have seen an explosion in local Government spending and power. In Auckland the C&R City Vision duopoly has overseen year after year of enormous increases in rates and spending. There is room in local councils across the country for a party that really protects ratepayer’s wallets.”

As the conference approaches, Richard McGrath will be making further announcements. These will include our fantastic line up of speakers and how the Libertarianz Conference 2012 intends to launch a new force in New Zealand politics.

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Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Leader
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