Nothing Like Welfarism to Ruin Your Life

03 November 2009 11:42:00

“While the National Government tinkers with our welfare burden, we need to wonder: what is their ultimate goal for welfarism in New Zealand?” ponders Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare.

“As far as I can see, National are in line with Labour policy to ensure that the concept of a compulsory tax-fed welfare system be maintained forever. The only difference between the two is the style of tinkering.”

Osborne continues, “The hypocrisy emanating from Phil Goff’s corner is laughable. Somehow Phil is worried about the mental health of those beneficiaries about to feel some sort of change. In case Phil hadn’t noticed, New Zealanders have consistently shown extremely high levels of depression with an unacceptable rate of suicide, especially among our youth. We are already depressed, Phil, no thanks to you and your comrades.”

“Phil holds the opinion that a large portion of our population are too stupid to stand on their own two feet and that the rest of us are too callous and mean to watch out for those who are struggling. While this assumption is incorrect, it hasn’t stopped those of Goff’s ilk from wiping away opportunities in the name of employment rights and entitlements. It is impossible to do much of any meaning without having to apply for a permit. Our kids are leaving state schools unable to count or read a bus timetable. Is it any wonder depression is rife? We have not been saved by the welfare state, our very souls have been sabotaged by it.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “While the other political parties find ways to maintain the welfare state, Libertarianz alone are committed to removing this cancer. Opportunity is the key. Opportunities exist in abundance everywhere except where a politician or a bureaucrat stands in the way. We are overdue for a cleanout.”

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