Now We See The Violence Inherent In The System

05 November 2008 12:00:00

“Now we see the violence inherent in the system,” said Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman Dr. Richard Goode today, upon hearing that a 21 year old Wellington man has become the first person to be prosecuted and sentenced under the draconian anti-party pill law that came into effect earlier this year. “Incarceration or forced labour – that’s what the BZP ban really amounts to for those who fall foul of this foul and foolish legislation.”

“We must ask who is the victim in this despicable affair,” says Goode. “It is Nicholas Jones, the young Wellington man who is now being forced to do 120 hours community work, and who now bears the lifelong stigma of a criminal record. I hope Jones has already been on his OE – his overseas travel options have now been severely curtailed.”

“And we must also ask who are the real criminals,” adds Goode. “They are Jim Anderton and his puritanical cronies in Labour, National, New Zealand First and United Future who block voted to ban BZP this year. None of New Zealand’s Parliamentary representatives would take kindly to being kidnapped and held against their will for up to a year for the supposed “crime” of minding their own business, yet they happily consign others whose leisure time activities meet with their disapproval to the same fate.”

“The state-sanctioned persecution of recreational drug users must stop,” insists Goode. “Responsible adults who like drugs ought to have access to safe, effective and legal alternatives to alcohol. Only one party, Libertarianz, will pave the way to greater consumer choice in recreational intoxicants.”

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