NZNO should stop pandering to bureaucrats

26 October 2005 12:33:00


Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Dr Richard McGrath suggested that if the New Zealand Nurses Organisation really wanted better pay and conditions for workers in the aged care industry, it should abandon its support for state-run health and welfare, and employ caregivers directly so that it can pay them what they consider a fair wage.

“It’s not enough for the NZNO to attack these bloated bureaucrats along with their massive pay increases,” said Dr McGrath.

“The NZNO should take matters into its own hands. It could use its own funds, or arrange finance, to set up its own nursing agency – possibly its own rest homes – and pay its caregivers a higher income. This would drag up wages across the whole industry.”

“Instead of depending on health and welfare bureaucrats who run tight budgets except when it comes to awarding themselves pay rises, the NZNO should consider grasping the nettle and becoming a serious player in the aged care market.”

Libertarianz advocates a free market in the care of the elderly, with different levels and styles of care depending on individual preference.

“The socialized health system is not only inflexible and massively wasteful, it is incapable of setting realistic prices and wages,” added Dr McGrath. “Only free market capitalism can determine the true economics of aged care.”

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