NZQA Will Get Incompetence Reward – You Watch

11 February 2005 00:51:00


"What more evidence do people need to realise that education must be independent of the State? The recent failures of the NCEA and scholarship exams are a stark example of the Libertarianz case for separation," says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education. "But just watch as this Government rewards incompetence by increasing the amount of taxpayer money wasted on the incompetent Ayatollahs of the NZQA."

"Thanks to the sheer, blithering, utter incompetence of the NZQA, hundreds of students have failed to pass their scholarship exams, and must be absolutely devastated," says Osborne. "But if people think that this is a one-off situation, they can think again. Examples similar to this are going to continue in greater frequency in future because of the bureaucratic meddling of politically-correct theorists."

Mr Osborne elaborates, "If only people would open their eyes, they would notice an unmistakable trend. Never before has there been such a broad and grudging despondency amongst educators, parents, students and employers over the issue of education at all levels. This is a direct consequence of the intensity by which education is controlled by central government. Not to mention the unprecedented tax burden to pay for this circus." He says, "The more individual control that people have over their educational situation, the greater the standards; the more cash people have in their own pockets the more choices they have. This is why Libertarianz advocate going the whole hog and allowing people total freedom to choose the educational situation that best suits their needs. This means zero state interference and zero tax burden."

"The NZQA and the Ministry of Education must go," says Osborne. They are both sluggards and neither have any comprehension of individual demands. Under the Ministry’s one-size-fits-all straitjacket, individual students are either hamstrung or abandoned . By contrast, the free market is far better equipped to fill the Ministry’s and the NZQA’s shoes. An unregulated market would open the door to an endless choice of educational options and methods. Qualifications would also be adjusted to suit demands from students and the work place. People would be free to purchase the education and the qualification that best suits their needs. If or when incompetence to the scale we are currently witnessing appears, those guilty parties will lose funding by consumers going elsewhere. On the other hand, watch and see this government rewarding the NZQA for its incompetence with further tax-stolen money.

Osborne concludes, "If people wish to be further fleeced by the State they need to understand that this goes hand in hand with less freedom, and greater State control. Libertarianz offer nothing to the education portfolio except the opportunity of your child’s life back. Education is none of the State’s business, and it is outrageous that governments continue to take money to prop up a system as incompetent and meretricious as this one. If the lesson isn’t obvious, then it is only due to years of state education dulling people’s faculties.

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