Offensive Brown

16 October 2003 10:34:02


“If NZ First MP Peter Brown doesn’t like  ‘offensive smut,’ then perhaps he should stop looking at it,” suggested the helpful Libertarianz Spokesman on Free Speech, Scott Wilson, today.

He went on to recommend that Brown should also reconsider his vapid homophobia against the Chief Censor and the Deputy Chief Censor.

“Mr Brown’s attack on the Chief Censor and the Deputy Chief Censor shows the banal tribalism typified by his party: that somehow heterosexuals are more moral and less deviant than homosexuals, lesbians or bisexuals.  This mindlessness parallels the party’s thinly veiled xenophobia,” notes Wilson, ”but, oddly, contrasts with Mr Brown’s commendable stand on voluntary euthanasia.”

 Not known for defending the Chief Censor, Wilson clarifies his own party’s position on censorship, saying that Libertarianz does not believe that the state ultimately needs any censorship body at all. Questioned further, he says that material such as child pornography and ‘snuff’ films would obviously be covered by criminal law as the acts contained within them are criminal, “We do not need censorship,” confirms Wilson, “and we most particularly do not need Peter Brown, the NZ First Party, or any other nanny statists stopping adult New Zealanders from viewing films, videos, books and magazines depicting legal acts or simulating criminal ones.”

Wilson concludes by saying “Libertarianz believes that it should be legal to produce, record, distribute, and view any material depicting legal acts and material simulating illegal acts, e.g. it would be possible for a film to show simulated murder or rape so long as nobody was actually being murdered or raped.  Genuine rape and child pornography would be considered part of the criminal offence itself.” Wilson concluded. 

Scott Wilson Libertarianz Spokesman on Free Speech

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