Orauta a Good School

12 June 2005 13:19:00


“The persecuted school Orauta is a bright, cheery place with a friendly, positive learning environment, and bright, energetic, inquisitive and well-behaved children,” says Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate, Robin Thomsen. “Orauta School is everything that state schools are not, and it’s probably this contempt of success which is the reason for the Ministry of Education’s reprehensible attempt to close down the school.”

Libertarianz supports the rights of parents to choose a school of their choice to educate their children, which is why several Libertarianz Candidates decided to travel to Orauta yesterday to support the parents whom the Ministry of Education is attempting to prosecute: Julian Pistorius who is campaigning in Northland; Helen Hughes who is campaigning in Whangarei; and Robin Thomsen who is campaigning in Hamilton East.

According to Thomsen, “Orauata School has a wealth of resources to draw upon with dedicated supporters from as far away as Australia. The teachers are remarkable, passionate and well trained people who inspire the children to their maximum performance.”

Robin finishes, “The best thing that can happen to schools in New Zealand is the immediate dissolution of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry’s tactics of bullying, intimidation and imposition of a dysfunctional culture are counter-active to the opportunity for children to receive quality education, and a happy childhood.”

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