Orauta School Must Stand Firm

05 April 2005 14:25:00

“Orauta School must stand firm and remain in open defiance of this Government and the Ministry of Education,” says Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education, in response to Ministry of Mis-Education orders to close.

“The Labour Government ordered Orauta School to close down. Now that the
school has chosen to remain open using its own trust funding, the Ministry
of Education have started prosecution proceedings against parents of
attending pupils. This is a classic case of the state acting against its
own citizens – something this Nanny Government has shown itself rather
partial to.”

“It must be noted that the Ministry of Mis-Education is targeting the
parents, who are in breach of the Education Act. A common ploy of tyrannies
through the ages is to attack the group who are least united in the hope
that once one buckles, the rest will follow. To threaten these people in
such a way is a disgrace and is a most cowardly act.”

He wonders, “How much freedom are New Zealanders prepared to relinquish to
the state before they realise they’ve been conned. We have a group of
people with the courage to openly stand up and defend themselves against a
government that shows scant regard for freedom. If ever there were a group
of people in dire need of support for their cause, we have one here. And if
ever there was a time for other schools to stand up and reject the
self-serving edicts of the state, we have one now.”

He asks, “So what if the school isn’t registered as a private school? This
is a mutual agreement between parents and school and is therefore none of
the state’s business. It is the parents’ approval that makes the school’s
actions a moral one – the Ministry’s disapproval is immaterial, and under
Libertarianz would be illegal.”

“The Ministry whines that it ‘can’t guarantee the quality of education
provided’,” notes Osborne, who points out that these parents are not asking
the state to guarantee anything; they are making their own choice
themselves. “And as we’ve seen with the forced retraining programme for
Early Childhood teachers, choice is precisely what the Ministry is opposed
to. Anyway,” concludes Osborne, “given its own woeful track record, quite
what the Ministry would know about ‘quality’ I expect most of New Zealand
would be at a loss to say.”

Libertarianz challenge all schools who are struggling to maintain their
independence from intrusive bureaucrats to throw their united weight behind
these people. It is easy to sit and do nothing but to find out what this
government is truly capable of could be something that we may all regret for
some time.

Peter Osborne
Phone: 0274 326 005

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