Ordinary Kiwis Defenseless Against Armed Criminals

29 July 2006 21:40:07

“A shop assistant brutally bashed by an armed criminal on Saturday night shows that Kiwis should be allowed to have the means to defend themselves,” says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Firearms Spokesman. “Simply compare this poor guy with Greg Carvell, another Auckland shop owner, who was able to defend himself and ensure the criminal came off second best. The police and legislature needs to affirm the right of individuals to defend themselves when they are placed in these terrible situations.”

The owner of the Erox Adult Lifestyle shop in Panmure was bashed and threatened with a pistol as the criminal demanded money. In a similar incident in a Christchurch party pill shop last week, three people, including the shop owner, were stabbed when thugs held up the store with knives. “Imagine how different things would have been if these shop owners had possessed the means to defend themselves, their customers and their property,” Linton said. “Prior to 1975, Kiwis were allowed to do just that.”

“In a classic case of poorly thought-out, ideologically-driven legislation, New Zealand’s gun control laws prevent ordinary people from defending themselves, but criminals are perfectly able to obtain and use illegal firearms,” Linton lamented. “When you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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