Outrage at Lecturer’s Sacking

06 May 2005 15:49:55

Compulsory Unionism/Education

Wellington’s Libz on Campus President is astounded at the sacking of a Massey Wellington lecturer because he was offering private tutoring, and is outraged at the actions of Massey Wellington Students’ Association (MAWSA) in getting this lecturer sacked. “MAWSA have shown they care more for power games than the welfare of students,” says Philip Howison, President of VUW Libz on Campus.

Howison is responding to a Dominion Post article (May 3 2005, “Lecturer sacked for private lessons”), which revealed that complaints from MAWSA contributed to the immediate dismissal of Wayne MacArthur from Massey Wellington after revealing that Dr MacArthur had offered students private tuition during the weekend, for which he charged $10 an hour. “MAWSA, self declared voice of the students, has helped in the termination of a lecturer in the middle of a semester, disrupting the students’ classes and destroying the continuity of tuition. And for what? What exactly is it that MAWSA object to in this voluntary agreement between students and teacher?”

“MAWSA president Claire Medcalf promises to ‘speak out about wrongdoings.’ Where, then, is the pressure on Massey Wellington to be held accountable for their disruptive over-reaction?”

Howison concludes, “MAWSA, which imposes a compulsory levy of $140 for Wellington students, should drop their illusions of being the courageous underdogs and make membership voluntary. Then they would have to earn the right to represent the individuals who attend Massey and the value students place on their ‘representation’ would really be tested.”

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