Parents Want Justice, Not ‘Comfort’

25 August 2009 11:42:00

“When less than 33% of eligible voters wanted MMP, we were landed with a system that allows electoral rejects back into parliament on party lists,” said Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath.

“But when 47% of the electorate vote to smack down Sue Bradford’s anti-parenting law, the Prime Minister merely promises it won’t be enforced.”

“Bad laws need to be abolished, not ignored” McGrath added. “There is no doubt the Crimes Amendment Act was bad law. Its aim was to further entrench the state into the lives and homes of New Zealanders.”

“John Key supported control-freak Bradford’s crusade to stop parents from using reasonable force to control their children, including physical restraint to protect them from immediate danger or to stop them from injuring others. He must now dismantle this vicious anti-family legislation.”

“National Socialist sellouts Clarkson, Borrows, Ardern, Henare, Williamson and Collins: hang your heads in shame, you turncoats. You spoke against Bradford’s law at a rally on the steps of parliament, then voted to criminalize parents for acting responsibly. I hope you and your leader are still smarting at the outcome of this referendum.”

“The people have spoken, Mr Key. They don’t want ‘assurances of safeguards to give them comfort’, or whatever other empty bromides you think might pacify them. They want justice, privacy and the right to raise their children using appropriate discipline. They want the Bradford anti-parenting law abolished.”

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