Paul Henry Flustered By Whale Farming Proposal

09 June 2010 09:42:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said comedian Guy Williams did such a good job promoting a free market in whale meat on Paul Henry’s breakfast TV show that he should be offered a spokesman job for the party.

“While Paul Henry is still smarting from being harpooned, Mr Williams did offer good arguments in support of the private farming of whales.”

Dr McGrath, who prefers to think of whales as ‘sea cattle’, said the farming of livestock in rural areas of New Zealand had ensured the viability of species such as cows, bulls, sheep, alpacas and goats.

“A while back, our party suggested eating roast kiwi or kereru for Sunday dinner, which would be possible if the farming of these animals was open up to commercialisation.”

Dr McGrath disputed Paul Henry’s claim that he couldn’t have a decent argument with Mr Williams as sour grapes, because the comedian had made a trophy of him.

“Paul didn’t offer one single skerrick of rebuttal against the cogent and reasoned points in favour of whale farming made by Mr Williams, which the Libertarianz Party endorses.”

“Whales are endangered because no-one owns them or the seas in which they swim,” added Dr McGrath. “As Mr Williams implied, the current situation is a mess because of the absence of property rights and the Japanese are having a field day, slaughtering at will.”

“The Libertarianz Party believe a free market would encourage and ensure the survival and sustainability of whale species,” he said. “Whale fritters should definitely be a menu item at fish and chip shops around the country. Any other system where humans lack a vested interest in looking after whales dooms these sea cattle to extinction.”

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