Pay It Back, Winston!

16 June 2008 15:01:00




“Just pay back our bloody money, Winston.”

That’s the call from Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton, commenting on New Zealand First’s refusal to return $158,000 of Parliamentary Services money which was improperly spent on their 2005 election campaign.

“Winston Peters is once again giving away taxpayer money to charity, rather than return the money to the taxpayer. Do you understand the word ‘misappropriation’, Mr Peters?” asks Darnton.

“We’ve all had enough of your juvenile publicity stunts. Now return the taxpayers money and stop trying to be clever. You can’t hide your debt with sleight of hand tricks. The last time you tried this little stunt, it backfired.”

“Starship Hospital knew better than to accept stolen money from New Zealand First last year,” Darnton explains. “They returned the money, leaving egg all over Mr Peters’ face. It seems that Winston may have put himself in the same position again.”

“The public have had enough of politicians taking their money,” Darnton concludes. “Winston, quit your slippery tricks. Admit you spent taxpayers money – not your own – and pay it back.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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