How does it work?
All you do is enter your annual income, before tax, and click 'Pillage!'. The calculator will then tell you how much PAYE tax you paid, and where your tax was spent.

The amount displayed will include Income Tax and ACC Earner's Levies, but exclude any tax rebates for which you might be eligible. See the IRD's Individual Income Tax page for details on how all of this is calculated. The details of how your tax was spent are calculated based on this Treasury spreadsheet.

Why only PAYE tax?
This calculator only calculates PAYE tax because it's very difficult to work out exactly how much other tax an individual pays in a year. Things like alcohol tax, petrol tax, G.S.T., rates, fees and suchlike will all drive the figure up, and all vary from person to person.

Will you respect my privacy?
Yes. Your income details are not stored, and no information whatsoever about you is gathered. Even if we did gather it, we'd never store it or disseminate it in any way. Libertarianz respects your privacy!