Paying It Back Isn’t Enough, Says Darnton

11 October 2006 12:00:00

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton this afternoon welcomed Labour’s promise to repay the money they misappropriated for their election spending but noted that paying it back isn’t enough.

“As the Speaker points out in her report on the matter, paying the money back doesn’t make the spending any less illegal,” said Darnton.

“The real problem here is not really the amount of money misspent. It’s the fact that the government thinks it is above the law. The government needs to know that there are consequences for breaking the law. The public needs to show that they will not tolerate law-breaking from their elected representatives.”

“MPs should remember that they are the servants of the public, not our masters. The public elects members of Parliament and Parliament votes on how the government is allowed to spend our money. When members of Parliament decide that they don’t want to obey the rules they are no longer good servants. They should be fired.”


More information on the case can be found at Darnton Vs Clark

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