Candidate 2011

Peter Cresswell
List Candidate

I returned from Britain in 1995 to design people’s architectural dreams in the gorgeous New Zealand landscape, and to escape from the stuffiness and enervation of five years in the home of bureaucracy. To my horror I found that the bureaucracy had already arrived — in my five years away the Resource Management Act and the Building Act had already begun stripping New Zealanders of property rights and making houses more expensive and less attractive, and worse was to come.

I want to be part of a Libertarianz team that brings reason, freedom and property rights into Parliament, and back to New Zealand.

Work experience
Principal with Organon Architecture, 1995 – present. Project Manager & Assistant Construction Manager, London, 1990-1995; Carpenter & Project Manager, 1983-1990; Warehouse Manager, 1981-1982. Editor of ‘Free Radical’ magazine, and author of the blog ‘Not PC.’

Qualifications and training
B. Arch.

Political background
Founder member of Libertarianz. One of only twelve people to vote New Zealand Party in the Mangere electorate in 1984.

Other involvement
Represented New Zealand and Great Britain in Australian Football. Member of Manurewa Raiders (1995, 1996), Wellington Suburbs (1986) and University-Manukau (1984, 1987) Premiership teams, and West London Wildcats Grand Finalists (1994). Coached Manurewa Raiders.

Interests and hobbies
Peter enjoys classical music and opera; jazz and rock; philosophy and economics; history and law; art and architecure … and still follows Australian Football “when it hits the screens.”

Peter Cresswell
Phone: (09) 631 0034
Email: [email protected]