Peter Linton

Peter Linton
Northcote Candidate

Peter Linton is a Mechanical Engineer, with 18 years experience in the Plastics Industry & is standing for the Libertarianz Party in the 2011 General Election.

Peter is a keen Outdoorsman & a firm believer in Personal Freedom & Small Government. Government at both the National & local levels need to be drastically shrunk to their core functions. There should be no more secret meetings of government officials unless these involve current police or military operations. Even these, says Linton, should be made public after 10 years on the proviso that the names of Staff involved are removed.

Control of health should be given back to the community that paid for it & continues to do so, by issuing shares to New Zealand Citizens. Health assets that are surplus to providing good Health care can then be sold to help fund a Superannuity for Senior citizens. The current Health Service is a die while you wait system. Even though funding is increased it never gets any better. Private Health-care currently claim they operate at one third of the cost of the Public Health system, there are no waiting lists & even the food tastes good! Unfortunately, a lot of New Zealanders can not afford Private Health Care at present, as they have to pay twice for it.

Control of Education can also be given back to the community by issuing shares. Parents know what’s best for their children & unlike the current crop of State Teachers, have definite views on the skills their children should be taught before they enter the workforce. Schools need to put the interests of Parents before the interest of the State.

Peter Linton
Phone: 027 305 2553
Email: [email protected]