PM’s Clumsy Bribe Insults Dignity Of Maori

18 September 2009 11:42:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath branded the National Government’s decision to take money from working people in order to insulate homes owned by Maori families as despicable, and likely part of a political trade-off with the Maori Party.

“The tail is clearly wagging the dog here,” he said. “National have betrayed their stated core values of equal citizenship, personal responsibility and limited government.”

“What concessions did the Maori Party make to John Key in return for this race-based handout?”

“We are told the cost of insulating Maori-owned residential properties will cost about $3500 per home, on top of the earlier subsidy that was available. Over a year, that’s about the cost of a packet of cigarettes a day. ASH claim that half of Maori adults smoke cigarettes. If all those Maori families with a smoker in the house stopped supporting the tobacco industry for a year, they could then pay for the cost of this insulation themselves.”

“John Key is effectively saying these Maori families lack the willpower and ingenuity to save the money required for home insulation. This is demeaning, patronizing and disrespectful to those families, and a slander on Maoridom.”

“Will Maori families allow themselves to be treated as helpless invalids? Will they cringingly sacrifice their self-esteem for a few crumbs from the government table? I hope not.”

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party supports the concept of Tino Rangatiratanga – individual sovereignty for Maori, and for all New Zealanders.

“This move does nothing to set Maori families free from welfare dependency and allow them to plan their own lives. It sends a message of hopelessness and helplessness to Maori; it tells them they are impotent cripples who must be spoon-fed by the Nanny State. This insults the mana of all Maori people.”

“It is part of a political game being played by the National Government, with Maori families as the pawns.”

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