A Libertarianz government will separate state and business – there must be no partnership between the dollar and the gun. We will get the government’s agents out of your business, and slash the regulations that allow them access.

Taxation is legalised theft! Your money should be left in your pocket. A Libertarianz government will abolish all duties, tariffs, taxes and levies – except income tax. As a transitional measure this will be set at 15% – with an income threshold before payment of $50,000 – until being abolished in the shortest possible time consistent with debt obligations and transitional arrangements for ending the welfare state.

Private property rights provide the strongest possible protection for the environment. Common law protects neighbour from neighbour and offers nearly 800 years of sophistication in protecting property and the environment. Libertarianz will repeal the fascistic Resource Management Act, and uncover the common law that decades of planning legislation have buried.

All laws against victimless ‘crimes’ involving consenting adults will be repealed, in order that real crimes with genuine victims like rape, robbery, murder, theft and fraud can be vigorously pursued and the rights of these victims enforced and upheld. All people currently incarcerated for victimless ‘crimes’ will be immediately released. Life sentences for real crimes will mean life. The NZ Bill of Rights will be amended to uphold your right to self-defence and the right to possess the means of self-defence.

Schools and hospitals will be returned to those whose money paid for them – taxpayers! Other assets will be sold to retire debt and purchase annuities, or will be distributed as shares. Existing superannuants – whose savings have been stolen by taxes and government-induced inflation – would be provided for from the sale of these assets.