Libertarianz believes broadcasting, like all other forms of publication and entertainment, must be removed completely from the hands of the state. The sole role of the state should be to convert the radio frequency spectrum into strata of property rights, as exists in part at present, to be sold, much as land. The owners of radio spectrum could then use it to the extent possible or not use it, as long as they did not infringe upon the property rights of other owners of radio spectrum.

In order to free up broadcasting completely, a Libertarianz government would privatise Television New Zealand and Radio New Zealand, removing any restrictions upon either broadcaster to raise revenue by commercial and non-commercial means. Both broadcasters have served to a large extent the philosophical and political views of statists, promoting bigger government and political correctness, rather than balance, and have received taxpayer funding to be politically and philosophically slanted.

NaZis On Air, the state vehicle to fund politically correct, left-wing programming that most people don’t watch and wouldn’t pay to watch voluntarily, promotes banal visions of nationalism, superiority of non-Western cultures and opposition to individualism, liberalism and other views that don’t get a hearing in Helengrad. NaZis On Air would be scrapped immediately, along with the whingers’ censorship body – the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

All other state funded and protected broadcasters, such as Pacific Island Radio, Access Radio, Maori Radio and Maori television would cease to receive any funding, and would be required to operate as private entities, seeking funding from advertisers, sponsors and supporters voluntarily. All threats of “quotas” or other banal nationalistic restrictions on broadcasters’ freedom to choose what they broadcast would be abolished completely.