Most Nanny State parties subscribe to the politically correct ‘society’ model of disability – the idea that disability is caused by attitudinal and physical barriers erected by society. We say, wake up! The reason some people can’t read street signs or climb stairs is because of a medical condition. Disabilities are real physical disorders; blaming ‘society’ and turning people into victims is completely unhelpful. We are not entitled to disability services – other people are not our slaves. We are capable and intelligent; “Nanny state” should stop treating people with disabilities like children and let us get on with the job of standing up to the challenges life has handed us.

Libertarianz disability policy is based on self-ownership and freedom. It is your attitude to a disability that is the major determinant of how well you succeed – not the ‘barriers of society’ or any other external factor. People living with disabilities know this better than ‘normals’ – if you try hard and go for it, you can do more than anyone dreamed. Seeing yourself as a victim won’t get you very far.

Libertarianz believes that people with disabilities can get on with their lives without state regulations mandating disabled access. Public institutions such as Parliament and the courts should certainly be fully accessible to all citizens, but private businesses and institutions must be free to make their own decisions on disabled access and employees. Private organisations such as universities can spend their revenue on anything they wish, including staff to help disabled people participate in the university. It is in their own interest to provide for all possible customers.

Good businesses (and people) only need to be asked to accommodate most of the needs of people with disabilities. Sure, the real world isn’t fair sometimes – disabled people know this better than others – and if a business is uncooperative, you should vote with your feet (along with your friends and family).

Under Libertarianz, the Office for Disability Issues is just one of hundreds of government departments that would be “gone by lunchtime”.

Healthcare and support for disabled people can be provided by private health and disability insurance, and private charities. However, high taxes and interference has prevented many people from using private support – for this reason, the historical provision of care by the state for the severely disabled will be extended with annuities from the sale of state assets.

Looking to the future, the prognosis is bright: as Western medical and prosthetic technology gets better and better, disabilities will get less and less disabling.

If you believe in self-ownership and taking responsibility for yourself, vote Libertarianz!

Libertarianz Disability Spokesman Luke Howison is a 23 year old Victoria University psychology student. He has lived with a moderately severe visual impairment for seventeen years. This experience has given him insight into living with a disability, Workbridge and disability support services. Luke is #17 on the Libertarianz party list.