The NCEA has been dogged with controversy since its introduction by Headmistress Shipley’s National Government and, as it now stands revealed as the shambles it always promised to be, we can see it as an example of exactly what is wrong with our state education system. Fitting individual students with a one-size-fits-all educational straitjacket just doesn’t work.

Teething problems were always going to be an issue, but as time has passed it has become quite obvious that they were not the problems we are seeing – the system is fundamentally flawed and is merely a symptom of an incompetent and bloated ministry with monopoly control of the education of New Zealand children.

Many children have failed the NCEA because of technical glitches in the system; many have passed the qualification even when they were not up to the mark. Employers are finding the qualification meaningless which makes it impossible to decide on the quality of a prospective employee. The NCEA is a mess, and so is the system of state education that introduced it.

The NCEA is a mess, and it provides good fodder for opposition political parties to stage attacks on the government and to publicise their own preferred education policy. And here lies the problem.

All political parties have an opinion on how New Zealand’s young minds are to be directed. All say they would do it differently. But they don’t. Without demur, parents are forced to deliver their children to the state’s factory schools so state-mandated educators can deliver a failed, failing and politically-correct curriculum, and they watch it failing, and they watch their children failing … and still they don’t question the rightness of the situation. Children enter the state’s factory schools eager to learn, and many leave unable to read, reason or do anything beyond recite the latest Treaty propaganda.

The system we now have has been in action for over a century and the general populace accept it as a given, without any thought of an alternative. They can only think in alternative variations of the same structure. Libertarianz offers the only viable alternative to this structure.

Libertarianz promises to remove the State from education altogether; in the same way that state and church were separated, we say it is essential that the separation of school and state is effected. Urgently!

It is a complete degradation of individual rights to have one group of people dictate to all others how their children may be educated. Even if the majority are sold on a particular model, this does not give them the right to force the minority to adhere. Nor is it justifiable that all members of the community be forced to pay for the education of other people’s children. This is merely a shifting of responsibility and a grave intrusion on individual rights.

Libertarianz would remove all regulation from the education sector. The Ministry of Education along with the NZQA will be closed down forthwith. All state-run institutions will be handed over to those currently using them and the confiscation of funds (tax) from individuals to pay for other people’s choices will cease.

Below are links to the other political partyies’ education policies. EVERY SINGLE ONE promises to continue the system wherein they remove control of your own children, and assume that control themselves—however badly that system is working!

You may find one policy or another policy agreeable, yet keep in mind that the introduction of each of these policies agreeable to you requires the retention of our large, unwieldy and out-of control educational bureaucracy.

There will always be people who would disagree with you, yet would still be forced to pay for and to adhere to your prefered model. The majority, too, may prefer a model that you disagree with, yet by our current method you would lose your rightful choice to decide how your children should be educated.

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Take Back Your Child’s Education—Get the Government Out of the Schools Now!