Free speech

Libertarianz believes that one of the fundamental essences of civilisation is the right to say, publish, show, record and produce material in any media freely. The right to free speech does not include any so-called “right” to not be offended – the right to produce material that may offend is fundamental in a free and healthy society. It does not include any “right” to breach intellectual property rights, such acts are theft. It does not include any “right” for any holder of intellectual property to demand that the owner of any means of distribution, such as a publisher, broadcaster or bookstore, to produce, show or sell a book, song, film or website. The right to free speech includes the right of an owner of property to NOT hold or distribute any publications.

The only three restrictions that apply to freedom of speech are in relation to any material produced in the course of initiating force against another:

1. Breach of intellectual property rights: Theft (Initiation of force against a person’s private property rights);

2. Defamation: Initiation of force against a person’s character and reputation;

3. Recording and distribution of recordings of crimes being committed against victims (e.g. genuine snuff, rape, child molestation films): (In this case the victim holds the intellectual property rights by default).

As part of the process of liberalising freedom of speech, Libertarianz would abolish the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the Office of Film, Video and Literature Classification and the Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs (and the Department of Internal Affairs!). Broadcasters could broadcast anything they wished within the boundaries of the top three conditions. Anyone not liking anything being broadcast, sold, shown can choose not to view it or buy it. Parents concerned about children’s access to material they deem inappropriate would exercise the control they have on material entering their property.

In addition to the above, the abolition of the Human Rights Act would remove any prohibitions on broadcasts, publications or speech which is deemed to “offend” someone because of political correct criteria such as sex, race, age, disability etc. Restrictions on advertising alcohol, tobacco, medicines will all be removed, with the sole restrictions being laws on fraud. The producers of legal products have the right to distribute material about those products, as much as the opponents of those products.

If it is legal to do in real life, it will be legal to record, publish and distribute recordings of.