Free Trade

Libertarianz would move quickly to New Zealand becoming completely free of trade and investment restrictions with other countries.

All tariffs and restrictions on importing products and services, and receiving investment for legal products and services in New Zealand would be abolished. As there would be no duty on New Zealand products, the notion of “duty free” would apply to all goods and services sold in New Zealand.

The Overseas Investment Commission would be abolished, as it performs no useful function, but simply strokes the xenophobic nationalism of conservative and socialist politicians. All other sector specific restrictions on foreign investment would be abolished, except for those necessary for New Zealand based companies to undertake trading activities in other countries (such as airline landing rights) – those restrictions would be phased out by bilateral and multilateral negotiations as soon as possible.

New Zealand under Libertarianz government would fully liberalise all free trade agreements with Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and pursue similar agreements where possible. New Zealand would also be at the forefront of promoting free trade at the World Trade Organisation as an essential part of granting sovereignty to people, away from governments, allowing them to trade, exchange and invest between countries. A Libertarianz government would making binding commitments to other World Trade Organisation members to maintain no barriers to trade and investment in goods and services

A Libertarianz government would reject any steps at the World Trade Organisation to hinder individual sovereignty by such machinations as “environmental, social and cultural” conditions able to be imposed by governments on each other. A Libertarianz government would also negotiate to remove provisions in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade that allow governments to restrict trade in products, such as drugs and sexually explicit material.

A Libertarianz government would also liberalise restrictions on New Zealand employers hiring and contracting with legal immigrants in accordance with our policies on liberalising immigration for all people who resolve to never make a claim upon the state, who maintain the financial means to return to their previous country of residence and who have not committed any acts which would be crimes under New Zealand law.

Opponents of free trade would be asked why they don’t advocate imposing trade restrictions between the North and South Island, or at the regional, city or district level if trade barriers are so conducive to growth. Their xenophobia about other countries, which are artificial geographical boundaries between people is banal and Libertarianz totally reject it.