Pouring Cold Water on Jeanette

27 May 2003 12:31:32


“Isn’t it funny that every time someone from the Greens comes up with an idea, it usually involves meddling and intrusion into the lives of private individuals?” asks Libertarianz spokesman, Elliot Smith, who this time is talking about Greens co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimplesimons.

“The latest greenie stupidity is Fitzsimplesimon’s ‘Cold Shower Award’. Her call for people to ‘dob in’ shops and companies that they feel are using too much power, is another example of the Greens’ anti- enterprise, anti-business culture. She seeks to pour cold water on enterprise in this country – its time somone turned the tables. We don’t need this kind of Maoist duplicity here!”

“How dare Fitzsimons tell a private company how it should be running anyway,” he continues. “It’s the choice of the business owner, and his alone, how many lights his shop has turned on or off – and it’s certainly not the job of an interfering pollie to be meddling in that shop’s private affairs. It’s not as if this former academic would have any good advice for a business owner anyway – she’s lived a life as far removed from a balance sheet as it’s possible to be.”

“Perhaps,” he says, “if Jeanette were to visit the planet Earth a little more frequently, she would realise that if private enterprise hadn’t been shackled by her beloved RMA and Kyoto strangulations – not to mention the government-controlled electricity non-market – this so-called power crisis wouldn’t have happened. If greens and politicians would just get out of the way, we would have all the power we need!”

“Smith concludes emphatically -  “So I say turn on your lights. Turn on those heaters. And if a meddling politican – green, red or blue – tells you off, then simply tell them to get the hell out of your light!”


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