Poverty Spin Will Breed More Misery

01 May 2008 15:50:00

“After reading the litany of responses from the usual quarters
following the Child Poverty Action Group report ‘Left Behind: How
Social & Income Inequalities Damage New Zealand Children’, I am
convinced that the situation for New Zealand’s poorest is about to get
far worse,” said Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman Peter Osborne

He says, “To conclude that income inequality causes child poverty
shows that the conclusion of this report was arrived at before the
report was even conceived. It is driven by ideology rather than fact. ‘Inequality’ is a weasel word designed to make the wealthy feel
responsible for the lot of the poor. How anyone can conclude that
people are poor because other people are rich is beyond me.”

“Children are born into poor homes because entrenched welfarism,
specifically the DPB, provides an incentive to breed. I remember a
time when family, friends and neighbours pitched in, of their own
volition, to help those who were struggling. Compulsory welfarism put
paid to that. Thanks to the complete smothering of employment options
through employment laws, compliance regulations, tax burdens and an
entrenched disregard for property rights, opportunities for those
people who most need them are non-existent.”

“It is laughable that the Labour Government is trying to persuade us
that they have done a lot to remedy the problem of child poverty in
New Zealand. The problem is worse now than it ever was. But that
won’t stop Labour from using this report to drag everyone further down
in the name of ‘the greater good’.”

“Libertarianz isn’t buying any of the spin and bullshit surrounding
child welfare in New Zealand; it is nothing more than self-serving,
ill conceived crap,” Mr Osborne concludes. “The solution is to scrap
all of the red tape, taxes and other burdens that make government
richer and more powerful while making New Zealanders less empowered to
help themselves. Meaningless welfarism must be replaced with
voluntary charity.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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