Press Release: Labour Back To Old Tricks

15 July 2011 08:59:50

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today accused Labour of “rich prick bashing”, and asked why, if a capital gains tax is such a good idea, his party had withheld its enormous benefits from New Zealanders for the nine long years of Helen Clark’s government.

“Phil Goff’s desire to reinstate the 39% Cullen envy tax is regrettable. The capital gains tax would be a further blow for business owners and self-employed New Zealanders who have the gall to succeed by their own efforts.”

“The capital gains tax would essentially confiscate money which would likely be used for capital investment, and hand it instead to Labour voters, who are more likely to spend it on 50 inch TVs, cigarettes, booze and Lotto tickets than on creating jobs. Much of the profit from this expenditure heads overseas. Is this what Phil Goff wants?”

“Anyway, if Phil Goff thinks a capital gains tax is such a great idea, he should immediately pay the IRD 15% of the profit he apparently made selling shares in a rental property recently. He should show us he’s not a hypocrite, and stop hiding behind a tax avoidance scheme of the type so despised by his fellow lefties.”

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